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Welcome to Gail E. Dimick's Picture Page

From Left to Right: Brian, Apple, and Bruce

From Left to Right: Bill, Shawn, and Mark

From Left to Right: Vinson, Betty Sue, Lijuana, Carolyn, Estalene, and Janice, THE RUNYON FAMILY.

My cousin Brenda and her husband Darrel Howard, in Egypt.

From Left to Right: Tim Campbell, A.J.Cobble and Howard Dierking.

Oilwell store in Liberal, Kansas 1964.

Bob Crane "Engineer for Oilwell Supply Co."

The Edwards #2. In background Rig 6.

Oil Boom is Over. Click on the picture to go to Oil

Oil Well Supply Co., although mentioning Pittsburgh (the corporate office) in the name plate, manufactured this "OILWELL" steam engine at their Imperial Works in Oil City, Pa. The cut was taken from their catalog no. 32 and was labeled "double eccentric". This model was in common use in the oilfields, particularly since it was made right in the early oil belt.

A typical 1860's oilfield boiler with mounted engine sits along a siding of the Oil Creek (Farmer's) Railroad at Tarr Farm, Oil Creek Valley, 1868. The well in the foreground appears to be a pumper apparently powered by a steam engine in the engine house. Note cut wood stacked at left and the smoke stack coming out of the far side of the roof

Grandpa Gilbert "BERT" Dimick & my father Rodney V.Dimick & myself, at Wauneta, Nebraska.

From Left to Right: My sister Cynthia & my father Rodney Dimick at the old BEC Lease.

This is father "Rod" Dimick looking at our wedding picture.

This is the old homestead west of Hamilton.

This is me holding a "OILWELL" 98 Engine Crankshaft Casting, ready for machine work.

This is Edwards #8, with my daughter Amie.

This is me with my son Timothy on my lap and my daughter Amie, and my mother Letha Dimick

This is old picture of a coyote I thought it was pretty clever.

My Wife Linda Darlene

Linda Darlene Dimick

My mother offering me a candy bar.

Oil Museum at Midland Texas in 1977.

1976 Gold Wing on the California Pacific Coastline.

Campsite in Montana, just north of Yellowstone. {1976 Gold Wing}

Me with my 1976 Gold Wing at Colorado.

1976 Gold Wing. Sam and Sue Hughes, and Linda by the bike.

My 1982 Gold Wing.

This is my hot rod 1964 442 Olsmobile. Click the picture to see my 442 page.

"BIG BEND PARK" Texas. Click on the picture to go to Big Bend National Park page.

To see my faith page, click the picture.

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