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Welcome to Gail E. Dimick's Page

Hello!! Welcome to my page this page has been up and running for several years now. I want to thank everyone for viewing the page. I have done some updates latley trying to get out of the stone age of web pages and move this page foward to be a better resorce for everyone. Some of the things I'm doing is making it easier to find some of things and search favorites that we all enjoy on the Net. If there is something that you would like added to this page please write me anytime. Thanks again for stopping by. Hope you like this page please tell me what you think of it by clicking here

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JOHNNY CASH 1932-2003

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Left to Right Rodney, Gail and Timothy.

From Left to Right: Rodney 17, my youngest, Myself 69 and Timothy 30 my oldest.

Coming Soon!!! My OILWELL page... as soon as I get around to it.

JOHNNY CASH 1932-2003
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Johnny Cash 1963 at the Forum Theater Wichita Kansas.

Johnny Cash playing "John Henry's Hammer"

I had a backstage pass to the Johnny Cash Show

The Fisher Radio Corporation
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Johnny Cash and Sun records!!!!
Johnny Cash's personal page
The Eureka Herald
Kake Weather and News Center
National Weather Service Wichita
Spotter Network
Kansas Road Conditions
Eureka Airport Weather
Voter View
Officer Dispositions
Offender Search KDOC

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National Weather Service Doblar Radar.

The above picture, is the orginal advertisement in 1920 for the "OILWELL SUPPLY CO" BLACK BEAR Engine.

The above picture, is an "OILLWELL SUPPLY" 25hp BLACK BEAR.

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Yukon the Wolf King.

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Guy Lombardo played the sweetest music this side of Heaven.

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